Engineering Specifications

Heatrix Heaters shall be as manufacture by Dell Corporation.

Electric Heaters shall be of the size, type and capacity as shown on the schedule.

Heaters shall be U.L./E.T.L. listed for zero clearance installations and shall meet the requirements of the National Electric Code and U.L. 1995.

Elements shall be of high grade nickel-chromium wire supported in a ceramic Steatite floating bushing. Cross supports shall be galvanized steel spaced no more than four inches apart on center.

Heater frames and terminal boxes shall be a minimum 20 gauge galvanized steel. Terminal boxes shall include a false bottom and hinged latching cover.

Each heater shall be furnished with primary and secondary over temperature safety devices, serviceable through the terminal box without removing the heater from the ductwork. The primary device shall be disc type automatic reset that will de-energize the control circuit upon overheating. The secondary device shall be a disc type manual reset connected to the power lines which will open the circuit and de-energize the heating elements should the primary device fail.

Terminal blocks shall be provided for a field wiring and shall be sized 125% above the connected load.

Over current protection shall be provided for all heaters with a total load over 48 amps.

Heaters shall be furnished with all necessary components to conform with the schedule.

Each heater shall be furnished with a wiring diagram affixed to the inside of the hinged latching cover.