Specialty Heater Finned Tubular


    • Primary Heating Coils
    • Reheat for Humidity Control
    • Supplemental Duct heaters
    • Multizone Heating Coils
    • Preheating Coils
    • Industrial Environments



HEATING ELEMENTS – steel fins brazed to steel tubular sheath, which includes 80/20 Nichrome wire, is the heating source. Silicone rubber seals prevent contamination of magnesium oxide insulator. High temperature aluminum coating protects element surfaces from corrosion.

CONSTRUCTION – sturdy galvanized steel frame resists heat warping and insures correct element alignment over life of heater. Optional front removable elements available.

SAFETY CONTROLS – Automatic Reset Thermal Cutout as primary safety protection is standard and automatically resets when heater cools. Replaceable thermal cutout for secondary thermal protection is also provided. These are load carrying cutouts which de-energize circuits in case automatic cutout fails and eliminates need for back-up contractors. All cutouts are replaceable through terminal box. Manual Reset (disc, linear and bulb-type) Cutouts are optional.

TERMINAL BOX – cover is solid, non-perforated type for trouble free operation of built-in features. Properly sized knockouts are provided for control and power wiring. Dust tight (NEMA 12) construction is optional.

WIRING – All factory wiring is rated at 105 C and 600V. main supply terminals provided (standard) for copper supply wires. Terminals for aluminum supply wires optional.

MOUNTING – all heaters are designed for interchangeable airflow; horizontal in either direction or vertical up. When position sensitive devices (SCR’s and mercury contractors) are used, either vertical or horizontal airflow must be specified.

ETL LISTED – File # 100564192CRT-003 for zero clearance between heater and combustible surfaces. Listing includes all built-in components unless otherwise noted. Heaters are also UL listed for use with heat pumps and airconditioners provided they are mounted at least four feet from unit and maximum inlet air temperature is 100F